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Jan 13

Poet Thomas Lynch to speak about the language of death

Lynch to speak in Lansing Michigan 7:30 p.m., Thursday September 23 at Creole Gallery, 1218 Turner Street. There are plethora of celebrity chefs and to some extent celebrity duck hunters, but there is only one celebrity mortician. Thomas Lynch of Milford, Michigan has been a mortician for nearly four decades as director of Lynch & …

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Oct 13

Lansing Poetry Club celebrates 75 years

Literary grafitti The inspiration for Gary Stephens’ poem, “Meeting, the Challenge,” belies what one might envision as the romantic muse for a poem. There were no beautiful sunrises or sunsets, no pastoral fields of sheep, no fluffy clouds, no quiet rains. Rather, it was dozing off at work that pushed him to write his four-stanza …

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